How to Use IndusInd Bank Instant Credit Card to Manage Household Expenses?

Meeting your monthly needs while sticking to a tight budget is no easy task. But you can apply for a credit card online and do it easily.

Credit cards give you the flexibility you need to manage your household expenses. You can pay your monthly bill instantly with a credit card, and you can pay your credit card bill later when you have a balance. That way, you don’t have to withdraw your savings every time you need money for routine household expenses.

IndusInd Bank offers some of the best credit cards to help you manage your regular expenses. New credit card applications require three simple steps, and you can also get quick credit card approvals online. Once you receive your credit card, here’s how you can use it to manage your finances.

1. Make Use of the 50-Day Interest-Free Period

When you purchase a credit card online from IndusInd Bank, you get a “50 days grace period” on all your retail purchases. During this time, the bank will not charge you any interest. So you don’t have to worry about paying credit card bills after you swipe your card.

You can swipe your credit card to make all kinds of retail purchases quickly and earn rewards. You can then pay off your credit card bill conveniently before the payment deadline.

2. Enable Auto Payments

When you’re busy, paying your credit bill may not be the first thing on your mind. But with an IndusInd Bank credit card, you can rest assured that it will be done with minimal hassle.

When you apply for a card from IndusInd Bank, you can get instant credit card approval online. You can currently set up automatic bill payments or the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) payment feature. All you have to do is fill out and submit an application to activate the feature. The amount on your credit card account will then be automatically debited from your IndusInd bank account.

3. Set up Part-Payments

Even with proper budgeting, there will be instances when your household expenses exceed your credit card budget. Fortunately, IndusInd Bank allows part-payment on credit card bills. You can pay the minimum amount and avoid late payment charges.

Moreover, this part-payment feature is available on all IndusInd credit cards.

4. Use Credit Card Discounts and Reward Points

Now, you can get rewarded when making routine household transactions with a new credit card. Apply for an IndusInd Bank credit card to earn rewards on frequent payments. You can use these reward points to book cheap airline or hotel tickets and get discounts on various websites. This way, you can save some extra bucks that you can use to manage future expenses.

5. Track Your Expenses

Budgeting is crucial to managing your monthly expenses. But it can be tricky to recognise your spending if you’re making regular credit card payments.

Fortunately, when IndusInd Bank’s online credit card approval is complete, you can set up transaction SMS alerts. This way, you always know where your credits get spent. What’s more, you don’t have to wait till the end of the month to track your monthly spending.


While improving your budgeting skills may take time, you can use your instant credit card to manage all your household expenses in the meanwhile.

Don’t have an IndusInd Bank credit card? You can get instant credit cards by filling up a quick online form with IndusInd Bank. Visit the IndusInd Bank website to explore options on instant credit cards. Apply for it immediately and manage your household expenses better.

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