Cardano price analysis

Cardano price analysis is showing bullish signs as the market is showing bearish momentum. The bears have completely regained control of the Cardano market which will turn the market direction for the worse and the ADA now expects a full bearish period to occur in the next few days. However, the bull will do whatever … Read more

ChainLink price analysis

ChainLink’s price analysis for 16 September¬†2022 shows that the market is receiving huge negative momentum after a full downtrend, which is bearish for the LINK market. ChainLink prices have remained negative for the past few hours. Today the price fell, rose from $7.1 to $6.4. However, the market soon started to recover and regained most … Read more

Dogecoin price analysis 14th September 2022

Today’s analysis of Dogecoin price is bullish as we saw a break from previous lows and a loss of more than 6 percent over the last few hours. Therefore, DOGE/USD is trying to reverse and possibly retest previous support and resistance. The market has been trading under heavy selling pressure for the past 24 hours. … Read more

Polkadot price analysis 14th September 2022

Polkadot’s price analysis for today shows that the bulls are trying to fend off the bearish pressure. The DOT/USD price found support at the $7.04 level as the bulls recovered from the last three days of bearish dominance. As buyers tried to overcome the downward pressure, DOT prices edged up to $7.13 after finding support. … Read more

Where and How Can I Use Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currency, meaning that they are not managed or regulated by any centralized body. Transactions in these virtual currencies use encryption to ensure their legitimacy. Even though bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has garnered the most attention, there are over 18,000 other cryptocurrencies. The only actions necessary to begin the use of … Read more

Understanding the Proof-of-work method in Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrency is digital currency and all related functions occur only in digital media. Unlike fiat currencies and traditional exchange systems, crypto exchanges cannot be physically traded. Be it to buy goods, send money to friends or make any type of investment, all transactions can only be made through online platforms and these transactions are carried … Read more

Understanding the Proof-of-stake method in cryptocurrencies

Proof-of-Stake or PoS is a cryptocurrency consensus method that validates processed transactions and helps generate new blocks in a distributed ledger. This is done by asking participants to stake some of the cryptocurrencies they trade. In a distributed database, a consensus mechanism is used to validate records and ensure database integrity. Cryptocurrencies use a consensus … Read more

Nomad lost $190M in a decentralized robbery

Recently, Nomad fell victim to a crypto theft that stole around $190 million. In theory, this would correspond to a code bug in the crypto platform that allows virtual theft by copying a simple script. Cryptocurrency trading continues its upward trend, resulting in transactions between tokens that increase their fluidity. Nomad, one of the most … Read more

BTC starts August on muted note as price oscillates near $23k

Bitcoin price analysis turned into a dead end as the price oscillated around $23,100 after correcting from a daily high of $23,900. Forming a higher base on the hourly chart also indicates that the bulls are leading the price action. Strong monthly gains helped the pair slide into the next month with renewed optimism. So, … Read more